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Urban Flooding, Urbanisation, Hazards Control

Urbanisation and urban flood control 03

Course introduction
Urbanization effects on urban flood: urban hydrological effect, urbanization squeezes flood storage space, urban construction destroys original drainage pattern, urban microtopography is conducive to flood formation, urban drainage standards are low, and urban emergency management capacity is weak.
About instructor

Zhang Jianyun

Zhang jianyun, male, han nationality, was born in August 1957 in peixian, jiangsu province. Now he is the President of nanjing water conservancy research institute, director of the dam safety management center of the ministry of water resources, director and chief scientist of the research center for climate change response of the ministry of water resources, professor level senior engineer and doctoral supervisor. Long engaged in hydrology, flood control and drought, climate change impact, water conservancy and hydropower informatization and other scientific research work.

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