Design Specification


- 1 -

The report is presented in standard texts,graph,picture, and model prediction algorithm is clearly reflected;


- 2 -

The content of the report is true and credible, and algorithm are clearly reasonable presented. The research should be carried out by the participant(s) and the findings has not been published in any public publication;


- 3 -

Length and layout of the report:

3-1 The written text report is within 3000 characters in Chinese or 3000 words in English (appendices, diagrams, and citations are not included). The report should be no more than 8 pages of A4 size;

3-2 An abstract of 300 characters in Chinese or 200 words in English and its keywords are required;

3-3 The layout of the report is A4 horizontal layout, white base plate. Substrate is not allowed. The characters or letters are in 10.5-point font in texts and 7.5-point font in tables and pictures. The participant can design the page settings and layout. The title of the report is to be on the first page and an additional cover is not allowed;


3-1 正文文字限定在中文3000字或英文3000词以内(不包括附录、图表、引注),与此同时报告正文总页数必须控制A4幅面8页(含8页)之内;

3-2 正文开始前,提供中文300字或英文200词以内的内容摘要和关键词;

3-3 报告版式统一为A4横向版式,统一白色底板,不得添加衬底。正文采用10.5磅字体(中文五号字),表格、附图采用7.5磅字体(中文六号字)。页面设置与版面设计风格自定,首页格式只允许出现预测报告题目,不另作封面;

- 4 -

The report is to be submitted in:

4-1 1 electronic file in DOC format with illustrations in JPG format,including the screenshot of program operation results. The resolution of illustrations should be no less than 300dpi in color or no less than 600dpi in black and white;

4-2 1 electronic file in PDF format, of the same content as the DOC file, no larger than 2M and in A4 horizontal layout.


4-1 DOC格式电子文件1份,插图JPG格式,其中包含程序运算结果的截图展示


4-2 PDF格式电子文件1份,内容与DOC文件一致。(A4横向版式,文件量大小不大于2M)。

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