Plains/Prairie/Plateau: A Retreat at the Edge by Carbo Landscape Architecture
Zhao Zichen   Mar 17.2020
CARBO Landscape Architecture has designed a simple and fun residential landscape that returns to nature within a focus on the context of sustainable and artful simplicity.


“This stunning residential project draws inspiration from the oak savannas, prairies, and plains of Southeast Texas. Throughout the five acres of the site, a variety of experiences have been created to bring nature to the forefront. An elevated walkway leads through a canopy of large oaks; a pool and spa reflect the sky; green roofs help hide small structures; an entry set amid native grasses, sedges, and ferns welcomes visitors; paved areas softened with natural elements facilitate drainage; and a variety of outdoor living spaces serve as evocative garden rooms. Sustainable and subtle, this home offers an immersive escape where nature takes the lead.”
– 2019 Awards Jury

Reason to Be Selected

This residential project helps strengthen immersive living experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city, by creating a home to many deer, rabbits, birds, and other wildlife ,a place for homeowner to live better,which aims to become a hideaway away from urbanity, and an escape to nature, vegetation, wildlife, and the horizon.


Ecological Diversity

Organized Sequences

Artful Sustainability


This residence lies within a diverse 5-acre site of an unincorporated area known as Hill Country Village, just outside of San Antonio, Texas, with a rich ecological environment.
The master plan has designed an orderly walkway system that connects the new driveway and guest parking area, the additional garden space next to the residence, the newly added kitchen terrace garden space, multiple outdoor living spaces, with a new pool and spa.And the design team plans to formulate maintenance and management strategies for the protected areas in the site.
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The entrance of the house is designed as a hallway leading to nature planted with a large number of native grasses, sedges and ferns. The entrance courtyard and boulevard are distributed between the existing holly oaks, connecting the garden space around the house and behind the site. The kitchen and living room terrace spaces are designed as landscapes with minimal paving, geometric terrain lawns, oak tree backgrounds and subtle water sounds,which are the transition to native trees and vegetation adjacent to the residence.. The rear garden of the main residence contains outdoor living areas, guest house, pool and multiple seating and gathering destinations. The pool is intended to be immersed in the garden and tree canopies, where reflections and views to the horizon from the ridge would dominate.


This residence was simple, quiet, which was ecologically focused elements that supported our desire to have all feel as a retreat – a reprieve from urbanity, and an escape to nature, vegetation, wildlife, and the horizon.





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