Mata de Sesimbra, Portugal
Wang Yueqi   May 04.2016


Country: PortugalPortuguese developer
Pelicano is developing a €1.1 billion project to build 5,000 zero-carbon,
zero-waste homes, hotels and shops. The scheme also includes Europe's
largest-ever nature restoration scheme, where work is uinderway to return
almost 5,000 hectares of surrounding land, currently occupied by degraded
logging plantations and quarries, to native Mediterranean woodland.

Reason to Be Selected

The plan includes
concentrating the development area into one unit, for approximately 20,000
people, or 5,000 units. The management team will use the receipts from the
development as a form of a 'green tax' to fund conservation measures throughout
the area. This includes one of the biggest privately-financed forest
restoration projects in Europe; creating closed-off protected areas for
vulnerable nesting bird, recovering wetland and other important riverine and
coastal habitats. Sales of properties will also help to fund work to recover
endangered species throughout Portugal, including Bonelli's Eagle and the
highly threatened Iberian Lynx.


The plan also proposes to
be innovative and ecological in its development by using sustainable building
materials and solar power and being energy and water efficient. The development
has a 20 year target of having 'zero waste' – but reaching a massive 50% of
landfill diversion in the first year. A €90 million sustainable public
transport network is also planned, and will eventually include providing hybrid
eco-shuttles, free bicycles and car clubs. The project is expected to create
11,000 new jobs




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