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Understanding city by field trip

IKCEST iCity International Workshop: Understanding the City - A City Tour

Course introduction

The city is a huge complex system. The city tour session is a very crucial part of this workshop, because The object of this city tour is help trainees get better understanding of what intelligent city is, and how city works, by walking around the city themselves. Through this city walking, trainees can experience the city from different perspectives. The city tour route is well designed, including new city, old city, large-scale urban events,micro-scale urban landscape, etc. By walking in the city, we can compare the differences between the new city and the old city in China, understand the integration of history and future, feel the influence of the mega-city events on the city, the future city technology, and visit the city mini garden landscape.

About instructor

Li Xiang

Co-organiser, International Training Workshop - Innovative Training on Smart City and Big Data in Urban Planning

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