Forum THNS2022: Mobility Re-Engineering under Technology and Societal Transformation

会议通知丨“新技术与未来城市交通系统再造” 第十五届国际可持续发展城市交通系统研讨会

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会 议 通 知

第十五届国际可持续发展城市交通系统论坛主题为“新技术与未来城市交通系统再造”(THNS2022:Mobility Re-Engineering under Technology and Societal Transformation),将于2022年11月14-18日在线上举办。







会议工作语言:英语 (个别场次安排中英同声传译,及其它语种无翻译)


1. 未来社会的低碳排交通工具Low Carbon Vehicle in the Future

2. 信息通讯技术与出行服务Connected Mobility: Technologies and Applications

3. 共享交通与可持续发展Shared Mobility Services: Supply and Performances

4. 交通系统的再构Reshaping Mobility Eco-systems

5. 国土空间规划与交通Territorial Planning and Mobility Management

6. 交通与人文Humanities with Transport

7. 交通系统的社会影响Social Impact of Transport

8. 交通与安全Mobility and Safety









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Forum THNS2022: Mobility Re-Engineering under Technology and Societal Transformation

(Nov 14th-18th , 2022 – ONLINE)

Forum THNS2022, entitled "Mobility Re-engineering under Technology and Societal Transformation ", is to be held online between 14th to 18th of November, 2022.

About THNS

The THNS Forum is an International Symposium on the Sustainable Development of Urban Transport Systems, jointly initiated in 2008 by Tongji University, ParisTech and the French Ministry for the Environment. During the past years, it has been supported by the Chinese Ministry of Housing, Urban Planning and Rural Construction, the Chinese Ministry of Transportation, the French Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transitions and many other Chinese, French and international institutions in the relevant fields.

The Forum especially fosters the East-West exchange of knowledge advances: research outcomes, innovative technologies, implementation reports etc. It brings together academics, policy makers and business representatives with expertise in urban planning and urban management, transport, public transport, rail transport, energy and the environment. Since 2020, affected by the pandemics, the THNS forum has been held online: the 2020 and 2021 editions attracted more than 400 participants from 20 countries.


Co-organized by

Tongji University  &  Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC)

Supported by (to be confirmed)

Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology


Université Hauts-de-France

INSA Hauts-de-France

Université Gustave Eiffel

Graz University of Technology


THALES SEC Transport

more institutes in confirmation…

Call for papers

Recommended topics are as follow. Other topics relevant to the theme of the forum are also welcome:

1.Low Carbon Vehicle in the Future

2.Connected Mobility: Technologies and Applications

3.Shared Mobility Services: Supply and Performances

4.Reshaping Mobility Eco-systems

5.Territorial Planning and Mobility Management

6.Humanities with Transport

7.Social Impact of Transport

8.Mobility and Safety

Schedule and working language

The online sessions will be tentatively arranged in 4 afternoons and 1 morning (Beijing Time) during 14-18th November, 2022. 

The working language is English.

(Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation, or none interpretation session maybe available for a small part of the sessions)

Submission and Registration

All submissions and registration shall be completed on the website of THNS Forum ( 

Prospective speakers please submit your research by 15th July, 2022. The submission must include a short abstract (around 300 words, including title) and personal biography. We will notify speakers of acceptance before 30th August, 2022. Accepted speakers should prepare a 15-minute online presentation (in English preferred).

All participants including accepted speakers and general audience shall register online by 20th October. The registration is free of charge.

For any inquiry, please contact Dr. HUA Xia ( for assistance.

“THNS Research Award”

Outstanding talks of this year will be rewarded “Best Research Award”or “Best Student Research Award”, which is provided to encourage relevant original research and significant knowledge contribution. The selection will be conducted by the scientific committee of THNS2022, and the result will be published within one month after the THNS2022.

Details will be updated on the official website of THNS Forum ( ///;).