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The entry work of “COVID-19 Trend Forecast for Global Cities” is to be submitted on line;


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Registration time: Registration is expected to start from May 18 2020. Stay tuned for further information on our homepage;


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Submission time: Submission is expected to start within 2 days after open data download in each round competition,that is in 0:00 in the same week of data openning on Wednesday (GMT+08:00).


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Submission deadline: Online submission as of 3 days after open data download,that is BEFORE 7:00 in the same week of data openning on Thursday (GMT+08:00).


Copyright Statements


This competition stipulates that all participants who participate in this solicitation of their own accords shall be deemed to have made the following irrevocable statements on the copyright ownership of the submitted works:

Originality statement

The entry work must be the original design of the participant, and must not infringe any patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights and other legal intellectual property rights of any third party individuals or institutions. Once a non-original work is verified, the organizing committee has the right to immediately cancel its participation, shortlist and award qualifications, withdraw announced awards and reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility. If the organizing committee is sued or has suffered other losses due to any non-original entry work, the organizing committee has the right to request its participant(s) pay full compensation; if the organizing committee has paid in advance, it shall be entitled to recover all direct and indirect losses (including but not limited to attorneys' fees, litigation fees, security fees, appraisal fees, notarization fees, etc.) from the violating participant(s).

Declaration of Consent

By uploading the work to the competition’s online submission system, the participant consents to authorize the organizing committee to display the submitted work with signature or in anonymity for anyone for the purpose of competition, and agrees with the way of evaluation determined by the competition. The Participant has carefully read all the terms above before submitting her/his works, fully understands and agree to the terms. The Jury of this competition has the final decision on the results of all winning works.






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