2019 National Urban and Rural Planning Education Conference of China Closing ceremony

On September 8, 2019, the closing ceremony andawarding ceremony of 2019 National Urban and Rural Planning EducationConference were held at Hunan University. According to the agenda of themeeting, Professor Zhang Yue of Tsinghua University, Professor Li Ping ofChongqing University and Professor Hua Chen of Zhejiang University commented onthe course assignment of urban design, the course assignment of comprehensivepractice report of urban and rural society, and the excellent evaluation ofinnovative practice assignment of urban traffic trip, pointing out the courseof 2019. Experience and problems in homework evaluation. Then, the meetingentered the second item of the agenda, "Declaration of Schools at the 2021Annual Conference on Urban and Rural Planning and Education". Fiveuniversities, Hebei University of Technology, Beijing University ofArchitecture, Guangdong University of Technology, Shenzhen University andNorthwest University, submitted their applications for hosting the conference.After public speech campaigning and voting for members of the Sub-Committee ofInstructions, the application was confirmed. "Beijing ArchitectureUniversity" is the school that undertakes the annual meeting of urban andrural planning education in 2021.

Finally, Academician Wu Zhiqiang put forward the vision of future planning education, that is, more emphasis on people-centered, more attention to ecological civilization, more focus on planning coordination, more attention to local innovation, and support the development and construction of national spatial planning system with urban and rural planning discipline rationality.

(Chen Chen,Yang Ting)