Open Europeans 2011 Helsinki
Shi Jiaqi   Apr 28.2016


Open Europeans Helsinki 2011- Race badge from Forum Virium Helsinki on Vimeo. The European Sailing Championships in eight Olympic classes were held on the Helsinki waters in the summer of 2011. The competition was the biggest Finnish sailing event organized so far. The event, for the first time, featured NFC technology as a part of the race logistics.

Reason to Be Selected

The European Championships in Helsinki brought together 800 elite sailors. Hernesaari and Merisatama, both of which are close to the center of Helsinki, functioned as a base for the competitors. The huge former dockyard of Hernesaari provided a great setting for the racers and their over 500 boats. The competition also employed hundreds of volunteer workers and attracted numerous foreign press representatives to Helsinki.


The competitors, staff and press attending the Open Europeans Helsinki race were offered an exceptionally versatile competition badge. The badge functioned simultaneously as an ID card, food voucher, public transportation pass and access control system. There were almost 1700 badges in use during the two-week race.


The basis for the race badge was the public transportation card of the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). That single card was used as a competitors' ID card, access pass to different racing areas and as a voucher for daily routines such as dining. The same system was also used to register a competitors' status: whether they were at sea or on land.

One of the project's motivations was to test the public transportation card in multipurpose use, and see how it could be turned into more than just a regular travel pass.Data on the race pass was easy to read with the NFC equipped Nokia C7 smart phone. NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and enabled reading data stored on the card just by touching it with the phone. During the competition, there were over 30 000 unique reading instances.

The Open Europeans 2011 Helsinki pilot was run during the Championships from June 29th to July 15th, 2011. Forum Virium Helsinki was responsible for designing and coordinating the pilot. The race logistics application was made by Bonwal Oy in cooperation with Forum Virium Helsinki, the European Championships Organization and HSL. The smart phones used in the project were offered by Nokia. The pilot was part of the EU-funded Smart Urban Spaces project, which ended in 2012.


Lat: 60.164
Lng: 25.0403
Region: Europe
Scale: City
Field: Civilian
City: Helsinki