Brussels Canal Plan
iCity   Sep 28.2020


The Canal Plan of the Brussels-Capital Region, which aims to revitalise the central districts of Brussels, located along the waterway, by using the potential of public land, building housing and stimulating a new economic dynamism. At the same time, urban integration and density and a diverse functional and social mix are all being fostered.

Reason to Be Selected

Songdo New City is based on the Korean people ’s understanding of smart cities, full of utopian atmosphere-this has become the most concentrated place in the global LEED certification project (environmental sustainable building certification), with a certification area of ​​more than 1.85 million square meters. Here, global smart city technologies and concepts are concentrated, and global advanced urban planning concepts are also integrated into it. Green public open spaces, convenient green transportation systems, energy-saving water-saving buildings, sewage recycling and reuse facilities, central garbage collection and treatment systems, Digital infrastructure and systems are widely used.


Specifically, the SAU coordinates public and private projects, acting as project manager and as a ‘single point of entry’ to the authorities, in an approach of co-construction and support with and for project owners.


In some cases, it can initiate and implement projects itself, if necessary through the acquisition of real estate (e.g. Citroën-Yser). The SAU can assume a project management role for public projects relating to infrastructure for example. It does so on the basis of the subsidiarity principle – in other words, if its involvement appears to add value compared with the involvement of other public operators.
The Government has given itself ten years to realise its ambitions in the Canal Area.To mobilise Canal Area’s potential, it has defined an operational zone of 700 hectares, including 300 hectares of public land.It has also appointed a dedicated team, which brings together several public bodies in Brussels. This team operates using an innovative method based on co-construction and project planning.
The main role of, the Brussels Planning Agency (BBP-BPB) is as a centre of expertise and the initiator of Brussels’ regional development strategy. It is responsible for statistics, socio-economic information and strategic and regulatory planning in the Brussels-Capital Region. In addition to these roles, the institution also brings together various strategic ‘services’ to ensure regional development: the team of the Brussels chief architect (bMa), the Schools Facilitator and his team and the new Housing Officer.


These districts, with their mosaic of people, landscapes and activities, form a rich and varied entity that is constantly changing. They have many assets and abundant potential in terms of people, land, businesses, the heritage, culture, leisure, tourism and so on. They have been on the rise over the past few years, with the development of numerous public, private and mixed initiatives in various fields.The website is managed by the Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) of the Brussels-Capital Region.


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