Demonstration Section of Yangpu Riverside Public Space
iCity   Dec 30.2020


The Demonstration Section of Yangpu Riverside Public Space is the initialing stage for the public space development project of the area. It is highly important for it is a benchmark not only for the area, but also for the entire 45km long riverside restoration project.

Reason to Be Selected

Keep the structures, scratches and textures as the most genuine, vivid and sensitive reflection of the site’s history. This is the “specialization” and “materialization” of memory that we want to present in this project.


Applying a limited intervention and low impact design strategy, we designed a restoration system of the ecological environment based on the spatial condition of the factories and the local eco system. Behind the original floodwall there was a valley area with many aquatic plant inhabiting a small water puddle.


Keep the topology and inserted a ecological wetland which collects rainwater. It collects and reserve water during heavy rain, decreasing the pressure on the drainage system, and reuse it for irrigation of the area’s vegetation through a pump-powered water circulation system.
The plants for vegetation are mainly reeds and water-resistant arbor, which are commonly seen in the local eco system. The tectonics of passageways features a light steel structure that minimalizes impact to the environment during construction and in visual aspects places an interesting juxtaposition of industrial and natural landscape.
The Yangshupu water plant poses a challenge but also a chance in the connection of Huangpu River waterfronts. Linkage was achieved by utilizing infrastructures and their structural parts as foundation of new constructions.


Also, including the facilitating parts into landscape design offers a new and inspiring perspective for visitors and new content to landscape design and public activity.


Lat: 30.4
Lng: 120.52
Region: Asia
Scale: Building
Field: Civilian
City: Shanghai