Axel Springer Office Builing (Berlin)
iCity   Sep 28.2020


Axel Springer has launched a move from print to digital media. Its new building on the campus in Berlin will act both as a symbol and a tool in this transition – a building to lure the elite of (Germany’s) digital Bohemia. Bisected by a diagonal atrium that opens up to the existing Axel Springer buildings, the essence of the design is a series of terraced floors that together form a ‘valley’ that creates an informal stage at the centre – a place to broadcast ideas to other parts of the company.

Reason to Be Selected

The design was developed around a series of terraced floors that together form a digital valley. Each floor contains a covered part as a traditional work environment, which is then uncovered on the terraces.


The public can experience the building on three levels – ground floor lobby, meeting bridge, and roof-top bar. The meeting bridge is a viewing platform from which the visitors can witness the daily functioning of the company and how it evolves.


Halfway through the building, the valley is mirrored to generate a three dimensional canopy.
The common space formed by the interconnected terraces offers an alternative to the formal office space in the solid part of the building, allowing for an unprecedented expansion of the vocabulary of workspaces: a building that can absorb all the question marks of the digital future.
The ground floor is open to the city and contains studios, event and exhibition spaces, canteens and restaurants.


The building will be situated opposite the existing Axel Springer headquarters on Zimmerstrasse, a street which previously separated East and West Berlin, at one of the city’s most significant locations.


Lat: 52.31
Lng: 13.2
Region: Europe
Scale: Building
Field: Environment
City: Berlin