Heritage Flume
Zhao Zichen   Apr 23.2020


“Inspired by the historic gristmills of New England, the Heritage Flume fountain is perfectly attuned to its wooded site on the grounds of a Cape Cod museum and gardens—an impeccably crafted gem of simplicity and beauty. Traversing 208 feet through a forest dell, and ending in a dramatic 26-foot-high waterfall into a daylily garden, the design celebrates the melding of built forms, cultural history, and nature. It is at once sculptural and fully at home in its setting, and provides visitors with a delightful sensory experience.”

– 2019 Awards Jury

Reason to Be Selected

The project enriches the multi-sensory experience of visitors and the museum’s mission of sharing American history with future generations. The project won 2019 ASLA General Design Award of Honor.


Iconic space creation

Weather-resistant steel materials


The Heritage Museum and Gardens are located in Sandwich, Massachusetts, the oldest city in Cape Cod. In 1943, the Lily family bought land from Dexter to build a museum that could display the family's collection (including folk art, books, and cars). The newly constructed garden is used to display Dexter's rich collection of rhododendron flowers.
The waterscape installation project preserves and displays to the public the most important collection of rhododendron flowers in the museum and garden, while responding to the mission of American history and American culture.
The location of the water feature is between the entrance at the upper part and the garden of forget-me-not in the lower part. The color of the weather-resistant steel skin of the water feature unites with the natural color of the woodland. The Heritage Flume waterscape installation showcases the development of local history, ecology and horticulture, and has become the most iconic presence of heritage museums and gardens and even Cape Cod.


The Heritage Flume space helps strengthen Iconic features of heritage museums and gardens and even Cape Cod and creates a space for small performances, weddings and other seasonal events.




Lat: 41.7591
Lng: 70.494
Region: NorthAmerica
Scale: District
Field: Compositive
City: Boston