Vo Trong Nghia Architects Farm Kindergarten
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Vo Trong Nghia Architects, which is good at combining natural materials with local landscape characteristics, believes that the best way to build a society that emphasizes sustainable development and environmental protection is to start with children's early education. The completed Farming Kindergarten is the best implementation.

Vietnam has historically been an agricultural country facing reforms because it developed its economy with a large number of manufacturing industries, while at the cost of its environment. Increased drought, floods and salinity have caused problems with hazardous food supplies, while large numbers of motorcycles cause daily congestion and air pollution in cities. Rapid urbanization has deprived Vietnamese children of green spaces and playgrounds, and thus live with nature.

Reason to Be Selected

Farm kindergartens are a challenge to address these issues. The kindergarten is located in Dongnai City, Southeastern Vietnam. It is a sustainable education space. It is a kindergarten for children of Vietnamese factory workers and can accommodate 500 preschool children. The kindergarten aims to create sustainable school designs that provide children with a tropic-style education and the opportunity to learn to grow the food they need.


The kindergarten design concept is a continuous, triple-ringed green roof. The free architectural form creates the outline of three internal playgrounds, providing children with a sense of security and a comfortable micro-environment. The roof starts from the ground level and is very easy to reach, gradually reaching the second floor, allowing children and teachers to easily come to the roof plantation. The office said: "The inner courtyard of the school provides a safe and comfortable playground for children, and the roof opens a fresh ecological and environmentally friendly experience. Children can freely shuttle and start their exploration and discovery."

Due to its tropical climate, the spiral green roof can maintain its lush growth all year round. So far, an experimental vegetable garden has appeared on top of it. Five different kinds of vegetables for agricultural education have been planted in a 200-square-meter garden, and children can learn how to grow their own food.

As the ground gradually slopes, surface runoff flows into two large water storage tanks, which can be used for irrigation. Due to the strong sunlight, the classrooms and interior spaces are blocked by shutters. The whole kindergarten pays great attention to the recycling of materials and waste water. It also adopts solar heating and other energy-saving and environmental protection measures to let children understand the energy-saving methods since childhood. Therefore, even in a harsh tropical climate, kindergartens do not need to use air conditioning in their classrooms. According to the use records of 10 months after completion, the building can save 25% of energy and 40% of fresh water compared with ordinary buildings, greatly reducing its operating costs.




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