Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG
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Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group have won a competition to masterplan a new gateway to Stockholm at the intersection of two motorways.


Called Energy Valley, their proposal for Stockholmsporten will create an artificial valley containing a park with separate areas of forest, wetlands, grass lawns and hills, and will also feature a mirrored sphere hovering over the road junction.

Reason to Be Selected

Stockholmsporten master plan define the Hjulsta intersection through sculpting the surrounding landscape and framing the automotive scale of the intersection.


Reconnection of four parts cut by the traffic junction
Creation of a valley for protection from the impact of the highways.
Design of a loop connecting the different areas in an un-hierarchical and democratic way.


Prior to this competition, the traffic junction ‘Hjulsta’ would create physical and visual barriers between the surrounding neighborhoods and divide them into four areas totaling 580.000 m2,where the two highways E18 and E4 Stockholm Bypass meets in a three level intersection. BIG’s proposal, the Energy Valley, re-connects these in an un-hierarchical and democratic way through a continuous circular bike and pedestrian loop aligned with public buildings and functions, including a shopping- and sports centre, a hammam and a mosque which will attract visitors from Stockholm and its suburbs.
By introducing natural environments of differing characters within the loop, an Energy Valley in the center turns into a pie shaped park of pine-and oak forests, wetlands, grass lawns and hilly terrain which create a diverse experience when moving in or around the landscape. The surrounding neighborhoods have room to grow, thus expanding infrastructure and developments up to the ridge of the new valley.New facades and buildings are integrated in the current building structure in Hjulsta. Focus is on adding small and large apartments to the existing midsize range.
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The site has a great potential in serving as a new entryway into Stockholm. This point is turned into a reflective, self-sustaining hovering sphere mirroring Stockholm as it is, new and old,creating a 180 degree view of the area for the drivers on their way in or out of the city. 30% of the sphere’s surface is covered with Photovoltaic film that faces the sun and produces enough energy to keep it floating while supplying 235 houses in the neighborhood with electricity. The Stockholm Sphere is an ever changing icon that marks an entry point to the city and reflects the passing seasons and the evolving urban life beneath it.


The Energy Valley is a cross-over between urbanism, landscape, architecture, art and infrastructure into a new neighborhood of Stockholm. Harnessing the momentum of the massive investment in tunnels and highways and putting the excess excavation to use as a man-made valley, it creates an interdisciplinary hybrid of logistic, economic, environmental and social infrastructure.





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