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A new green diagonal axis extends into the very heart of XXI century Barcelona.


Reflecting the identity of its historical neighbourhoods, the sagrera linear park consists of series of micro-parks that are linked together by a common diagonal axis. generously shaded walkways are provided for pedestrians and cyclists, with a number of pause points in the form of fountains and informal seating throughout. the 222,000 m2 project rests on the public transport infrastructure and will offer a dynamic green space for visitors and locals alike.

Reason to Be Selected

A diagonal public green space running through the heart of barcelona, spain. a part of a new ‘slow’ barcelona initiative that gives relief to the urban rush, the new park connects the sea, the city, and its natural surroundings together with a variety of zones that harvest biodiversity.


Green diagonal axis
Dynamic green space
Green connection between landscape and city.


El Camí Comtal will finally connect the Sea and the Mountains, Nature and City in Barcelona. It strengthens the landscape experience for those approaching the sea from the coastal range through the city.  It offers a unique opportunity to unimpeded travel from the wildest Catalan Pyrenees to the heart of its capital
city. This green track enters the city through the Besós natural valley finding continuity in the new Cami Comtal park or La Sagrera linear park. A generous
shaded way for pedestrians, bicycles and skaters who will discover the different environments through Sant Andreu and Sant Marti neighbourhoods, El
Clot park, historical gardens of Ciutadella to finally end up at the sea.
El Parc del Camí Comtal gives a breath to the bustling city of Cerdá, introducing a new green SLOW cross as a counterpoint to today’s urban frenzy and activity represented by the other Diagonal. It is also a milestone track where landscapes, architecture, history and the installation of water fountains enrich its tour and make a memorial to the old Rec Comtal infrastructure that was carrying once the natural water resource to the city.
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The visitor who arrives to the new Parc del Cami Comtal either by train from elsewhere in Europe, by bike from the mountains, or on foot or by public transport from the city, will experience the benefits of a green welcome carpet to the city replacing the old iron scar where the new La Sagrera linear park reflects the identity of its historical neighborhoods, allowing at the same time, an optimum green connection between landscape and city.


It is a natural path for pedestrians and bicycles as protagonists of a new era of a greener and more habitable metropolis, which is in direct contact with its natural surroundings. The initiative is a key to improve biodiversity and a stronger urban ecological role of the city.




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