Ecological Block-Renewal, Austria
Zhao Shuang   May 06.2016


The Project"Ecological Block Renewal" is a key project of the Viennese URBAN program.Developed by the WBSF, the Vienna Land Procurement and Urban Renewal Fund, thisproject aims at connecting the objectives of soft urban renewal withecological measures and activities for local business enterprises.

 Some blocks inquarters constructed at the turn of the century situated along the westernGuertel road are very densely built up. The technical equipment ofdwellings in these areas is still very poor. There is a significant lackof green spaces and the unemployment rate is higher that the Vienneseaverage. The strategy ofsoft urban renewal was therefore extended to the idea of "BlockRenewal", the improvement of whole blocks of buildings with different owners. Measuresto improve the equipment of dwellings were financed by the City of Vienna,landlords and tenants. Other measures were cofinanced by the Republic ofAustria and the European Union: activities that helped to raise the quality ofresidential areas, improving the living environment as well as greenings roofs,backyard clearing, merging backyards of adjoining properties to layout green spaces. Preserving the historically grown structure, somebuildings were demolished, new single buildings were erected for smallenterprises in order to create new jobs.

 As both -residents and local businesses - are supposed to benefit from the project, a localmanagement office was established: The "URBAN-Buero" guaranteedcontinuous information to all participants and developed projects in collaborationwith residents, local shop owners, area renewal offices, experts and localauthorities. Participation strategies helped to develop block improvementprojects right from the beginning.

Ecological Block-Renewal, Austria


Urbanand Regional Planning:

 - community

 -based planning

 -conflict management and mediation-cultural heritage conservation

 -urban renewal

Environmental Management:

 - ecological sustainability

 -environmentally sound technologies

 -urban greening

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- access tohousing finance


-land tenure and security


Ecological Block-Renewal, Austria
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