Peace Factory Ecovillage




Listed as:Intentional community

Ecovillage project

Permaculture project

We speak English

Time of existence: 2011

Please note that during our building phase, whilst we are extremely grateful for volunteers who help us for between two to eight weeks, we are unable to accept casual visitors because we get behind with our building work.We are developing (recycling!) a 1950's industrial building of 2000 square metres into loft apartments in South-West France. Each loft is sold individually as part of an ecological and sustainable co-housing development with shared facilities like swimming pool, well-being centre, guest rooms...Prices are from 80K€.We can be independent of the grid by generating all our own electricity ecologically (water turbine and photovoltaique plus a small windwill if required).At the moment we use Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and dynamic governance (sociocracy) to encouage healthy dialogue and decisions. Certified NVC trainer lives on site!Aim is to develop a community where people can choose between autonomy and sharing, all based on renewable energies, arts and culture, organic food and much more...!


Lat: 43.2078
Lng: 2.34908
Region: Europe
Scale: Building
Field: Environment
City: Montolieu