West Seoul Lake Park
CTOPOS DESIGN   May 07.2016


Project Title: West Seoul Lake Park

Project Location: Seoul Metropolitan City

Construction Period: March.2008 ~October.2009
Project Size : 225,368 ㎡

Reason to Be Selected

Our core design concepts were regeneration, ecology, and communication. We intended to redesign the boundary, which had disconnected park and local community. Approach to the park would be easier and our intervention would foster connectivity with local residents.


First, the park was created as an "open cultural art space," embodying the diversity of the area's identities and urban cultures, using the native environment to foster a self-organizing cultural zone for everyone. Second, the park preserves the existing natural topography and scenery to create a space for "urban ecology", integrating nature, culture, and urbanity. We engage environmental elements of the site to make a cultural space for events with a home-grown culture –a scene open to all. Third, it was created as a "people's park," uniting visitors by featuring a variety of abundant park events and special programs.
This park is a citizen's park, citizen-generated by participation and communication. The school of ecology education will teach people the value of water and forest of the natural environment, scenery conservation, and nature study. Our use of program and context encourages all classes to communicate with one another. Fourth, as a former water treatment plant reborn as a "site for urban culture," materials from the old plant were reused in surprising, inventive ways to transform raw nature into a new eco-functional space.
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The basis of the four concepts emerged from the idea of "rebirth". Rebirth means new life. But the change is not a rejection of the essence but a novel retelling. Paramount was the question of how to reuse an old water treatment facility in a 21st-century cultural context, to bring people into communication with one another? A list of the features of a water treatment facility typically includes water, pipes, reinforced steel concrete, cisterns, pumping equipment, filtering systems, a reservoir, and a lake. Another design consideration was how to celebrate "rebirth" with periodic 1~2 minute roars from aircraft noise using the local airport, the greatest nuisance to the area. The task was to make use of the given circumstances. After considering the existing features of the area, it was decided that a modernized and future-oriented reinterpretation of existing features be pursued to make the new park distinctive from others of its kind. The project thus came to seek a marriage of modern culture, nature and man with the existing physical environment. The materials for the new park were the recycled steel pipes and concrete from the plant facility with new materials added that best matched with the old. The color scheme incorporated grays, dark browns, plant colors, and points of red and white for special spaces and structures.




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