Latz + Partner   May 07.2016


Landscape Architecture: Latz + Partner
Location: Turin, Italy
Design year: 2004
Year of construction: 2004 – 2012
Area: 37 hectares

Reason to Be Selected

The connection between the park‘s five areas and the links into the surrounding neighbourhoods were an essential element in the sustainable concept for the new park. The aim was to incorporate the individual character of each area, to strengthen and enhance them with new elements and create a unified park experience.

The main space of the park is a wide open square with towers of metal cooling towers that are preserved and become a symbol of the park. Water can be seen everywhere in the park, and the water in the west changes with the seasons under the shade of dense plants; the water in the east is buried under the concrete to become an culvert. The entire site is integrated into a sustainable water management system that collects and stores rainwater. In the park, the intervening traffic elements: promenades, ramps, steps, bridges, and the five parts of the park are more closely linked, and the 700-meter-long 6-meter-high elevated walkway crosses the main area of the park, providing people with A new horizon. Plants in such parks become shelters for buffers and plaza breaks between buildings. These thriving plants continue to reproduce the new traces of industrial relics.

The huge structure of the hall at the former Vitali steel mill forms the fascinating and vibrant centre of the park. After the outer skin and large sections of the roof had been dismantled, the 30-metre high red steel columns now look like a“futuristic jungle”. Lush vegetation and public life have taken over this artificial environment, the vast concrete towers and foundations are being turned into fantastic playgrounds. 

The section of the hall that still has a roof has become a sheltered multi-functional event space. In the north, the grid of the columns extends towards a large meadow with the trunks of flowering trees. The space within the park is contained by the wall of the new road tunnel. A broad promenade with pergolas and tree canopies links across it to the adjacent residential area. 

Not only does it provide a pleasant environment but also offers exceptional views of the landscape that has developed since the demise of the industries. The Passerella crosses the steel heart of the park from the west, traverses the adjoining meadows and leads to the new “city balcony“. 

A wide ramp with tree planting along the tunnel wall connects the two levels of the park which are flanked by the impressive Vitali cooling towers. The towers and the slurry basins now hold clean water. They are part of the stormwater management system that collects rainwater from roofs and surfaces in open rills and channels, and stores it in pools and cisterns. A light installation projects the play of the waves onto the walls of the towers. Night-time illuminations turn the industrial monuments into widely visible landmarks and create a mysterious new world on the inside. The lower level of the “blue hall” is softly lit, light bands follow the walkway and trace the outline of the former hall.




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