There is a long history to tell within the walls of the Heidelberg Culture Brewery. The first official citing of the former “wirtschaftshof”, which supplied the castle with necessary goods, dates back to 1235. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Schaaf family brewed their beer here for several generations. Today, this same location where the malt was once brewed for “Zum Seppl” and other taverns in the city is now one of the most popular meeting places in Heidelberg – for locals as well as guests from all over the world.The complex was extensively refurbished in the 1990s and extends to 25,000 square metres. The original usage of the individual brewery buildings can still be seen from the inscriptions preserved on the brick walls. The boiler house and powerhouse are now used for live concerts.

Project: From a Large Brewery to Industrial Monument  

The Schultheiss brewery wanted its buildings to be both functional as well as make a statement about the company. This is why they commissioned renowned architect Franz Heinrich Schwechten to design their brewery complex on Schönhauser Allee at the end of the nineteenth century. The richly decorated buildings of red and yellow brick with their cast iron columns, barrel vaults and stone ceilings are fine examples of nineteenth-century industrial architecture. 

The Frannz Club opened in the 1970s offers a daily party programme for night owls and has its own restaurant on the site. Others include the SODA club, the Alte Kantine and the Palais.

Open-air events, individual events and partiesIn addition to all these cultural experiences offered by the individual organisations on the site, the Kulturbrauerei itself serves as a colourful backdrop for numerous events. The courtyards are particularly suitable for open-air events, such as the Lucia Christmas market in December, the Lagerfeuer at Halloween and the Klassik Open Air in August. Larger parties and events spread over the entire complex.




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