Burgpark Hafeninsel
Peter Latz   May 07.2016


Peter Latz (Peter Latz), in 1973 as a professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Kassel in 1983 as a professor of landscape architecture Technical University of Munich, is also Pennsylvania University, a visiting professor at Harvard University. His works always implement technological and ecological thinking, combined with the art of the perfect. Especially good at ecological approach, clever old industrial areas will be converted into public leisure and entertainment venues. He works for the transformation of old industrial areas of many of the world set an example, extensive influence in today's landscape planning and design field.

An important work Primorac is located in Saarbruecken (Saarbruecken) of Harbor Island Park (Buergpark Hafeninsel), also used in that Li Laci ecological thinking, of waste materials for reuse, this process has been hit the recession areas. Between 1985-1989, in Saar (Saar) River City Brücken, Birkenfeld, a former coal transport terminals used on site, Primorac plans to build a landscaped garden in the form of Germany was widely used city park design challenge the way the park ── harbor Island Park (see color pages). After the completion of the park immediately caused widespread controversy, some people effusively praised the contribution of exploration and Primorac of contemporary art forms new garden made; others strongly objected that it was trash aesthetic that park in material form on technique and performance are very confusing. Latz clear thinking firm, he was opposed to the kind of form with the previous garden idyllic natural to describe the design idea. Instead, he turned its attention to the daily life of the value of nature, which nature is to improve daily life, not just change only barren and desolate piece of land.

Reason to Be Selected

Another important work of Latz is the Buerg park Hafeninsel in Saarbruecken. The design of the Port Island Park is also the use of ecological ideas to reuse abandoned materials and to deal with areas that have been hit hard and have declined.

Port Island Park won the 1989 German Landscape Architecture Society Award.

Ratz adopted a design approach to minimal intervention in the site. He considered the ruins of the dock, the urban structure, the vegetation on the base, etc., and carried out the "landscape structure design" for the area, with the aim of reconstructing and maintaining the regional characteristics, and reshaping the historical sites and industries here through the rectification of the port environment. Brilliance.

Harbor Island Park, an area of ​​about 9hm2, close to downtown. World War II where the coal transport dock was destroyed, except for some loading equipment retained, dock almost in ruins rubble. Until a planned highway bridge near the pass through the north end of Harbour Island as bridge piers foothold, people just turn our attention to a piece of grass sprawling region. Primorac adopted the design method of the site minimal intervention. He considered factors pier ruins, urban structure, vegetation and other bases on the first area of ​​the "landscape design", the purpose is to restore and maintain regional characteristics, and through the port environmental remediation, remodeling where historic sites and industrial glory.Explaining his plan intent, Primorac writes: "In the city center, will establish a new structure, which will reconstruct the broken fragments of the city, contact its various parts, and tries to reveal overshadowed by debris Historically, the result is the structural design of urban open space. "Primorac with the ruins of gravel to construct a square grid in the park, as the backbone of the park. He believes that this can evoke the historic urban landscape nineteenth century fragment memories. These square grid again the ruins of the divided pieces small garden, show a different landscape composition.

Important remains of the original pier was preserved, the ruins of industry, such as buildings, warehouses, etc. have been elevated railway, to give to good use. Park also consider ecological factors, the use of a considerable part of the war supplies left in rubble, and become an integral part of the garden, they blend together with a variety of plants. Garden surface water is collected through a series of get recycled after purification. The new part of the mostly red brick construction, with the original rubble stark contrast, has a strong recognition. Here, visitors can see belong to the past and present in different locations in pure garden views and artistic structures subtly intertwined. Harbor Island Park, the 1989 German Society of Landscape Architecture Prize.


Lat: 49.2472
Lng: 6.98254
Region: Europe
Scale: Region
Field: Landscape
City: Munich