westpark bochum
Wang Yueqi   May 04.2016


The Westpark covers an area of 10 ha and is situated 1.4 km from the city centre of Dortmund (51°30'N, 7°28'E) (NRW, FRG). 

The park was founded in 1811 as a cemetery and transformed after 1945 into a park; it now represents a piece of encapsulated nature surrounded by an extensive housing area. The dominant tree is ash (26% of the total trees), maple and birch are also present in abundance and, less frequently, oak, poplar, plane tree and horse chestnut can be found; some of these trees are about 100 years old. 18-20% of the vegetation is covered by shrubs, but most of the area is covered with intensively cultivated lawns. In the fifties the tree layer was less dense and during this period 30 nestboxes were installed, only one of which now remains.

Reason to Be Selected

Metall jahrhunderthaus is headquartered in the west park on the alleestrasse very close to the centre of Bochum. The draft envisages two parallel blocks running north-south, connected by a transparent hall. The east wing consists of two floors on the west side of the 9-story building that protrude outwards by approximately 4.40 meters. The West Wing has 4 floors (a large meeting room (dividable), a dining area on the second floor, and the third floor of the conference area). Entering the building is a glass-roofed hall with a steel structure from the alleestraßE (main entrance), four steps to the West Park. The difference in terrain height (about 7 meters) is visible in the hall and available in four steps, steel platform. The floor plan makes use of some variables due to restaurant combinations, halls and meeting rooms.On the first floor (at the alleestrasse level) connected to the lobby there is a separable conference room, an internet location, and a young man's room. The upstairs office area is accessed by elevator from the lobby. On the second floor (about 7 meters in the West Park), there is a dining facility open to the public on the west side. It and its terrace, there is an additional West Park, separate entrance.The architectural design is used in a flexible office, which can be used to arrange a group office, for a gallery or cubicle or as an open office. The floor is easily divided and can be rented flexibly (3 meters in height). There is a traditional underground car park in the basement with 86 parking ramps into the bessemerstrasse.The exterior is made of clinker masonry façade or a hall on the inside looking for a glass roof, made of aluminum and glass curtain walls. The perforated facade contains furnace enamel aluminum doors and windows. Two pieces look inward and the front of the reception hall is glass. The load-bearing structure of the hall is made of steel. The roof is flat. The roof of the glass-roofed hall is covered by overlapping glass panels with hanging, movable, textile shades (greenhouse-type shade nets).




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