Integrated Municipal Waste Management in Ramnicu Valcea
Xu Yedan   Apr 30.2016


Integrated Municipal Waste Management in Ramnicu Valcea
Authority responsible for implementation
Name: Central Finance and
Contracting Unit in co-operation with the Ministry of Water and Environmental
ProtectionAddress: 36-38 Mendelev
Street, Bucharest 70005E-mail:

Reason to Be Selected


Ramnicu Valceas is located on the terraces of the river Olt, a tributary of the Danube, on the southern slopes of the Carpathian mountains. It has a population of ca. 120 000 inhabitants and the annually generated refuse amounts to some 66 000 tons.The measure consists of the further development of the city's waste collection, transport and treatment

system by means of the following actions:


– incorporation of the housing estates not yet included in the public waste collection system;

– start of separate collection of domestic organic waste, bulky domestic waste and hazardous waste;

– increase in the separate collection of recyclable waste fractions (organic, paper, glass, plastic, metal, textiles) ;

– optimisation of the disposal of residual waste– the design and implementation of an awareness strategy.


The measure provides for toxic waste collection containers, a composting plant, a new landfill at Feteni, as well as for the remediation, closure and rehabilitation of the uncontrolled dump site at Raureni. Waste collection vehicles are to be provided by a private service provider.Estimated completion date of the measure: 31 December 2005
ObjectivesThese are the following:– reduction of the volume of residual waste, thus relieving the pressure on the remaining landfill capacity;– improving the properties of the residual waste requiring disposal, thus reducing the impact on the environment;– sale of the recyclable fractions, thus contributing to the self-sustainability of waste management;– materials flow management and closing of the material cycles– prevent further leachate contamination of river Olt gravel and the groundwater table.

Economic and social cost-benefit analysis

In addition to the benefits listed above, the expected number of persons directly employed during the construction phase amounts to 20, whereas during the operational phase the waste management system will employ 67 persons directly.

Environmental impact assessment

The measure falls under Annex II of the EIA Directive 85/337/EEC (as amended by 97/11/EC). Consent from the Ministry of Water and Environment Protection has been granted. An environmental impact assessment has been carried out. Environmental authorities and the public concerned have been consulted.


Lat: 45.1028
Lng: 24.3518
Region: Europe
Scale: District
Field: Environment
City: Ramnicu Valcea