Vuores, Tampere, Finland
Zhang Ruiqi   Apr 30.2016


Vuores, a forerunner in urban planning
Vuores is a new urban area in Tampere, Central Finland that is planned to showcase a high quality of life and good accessibility by public transport to downtown Tampere and the nearby university campus. There will also be good access to surrounding forests and high-tech business parks. The area will contain innovative energy production systems and new housing solutions. In Vuores, cutting-edge technology is being integrated into the environment.

Reason to Be Selected

The residential buildings are being designed to be energy-efficient and their lifecycle to be long. Several research and development projects are underway in Vuores, ensuring energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal energy. The buildings will meet the new code requirements in advance and be nearly zero-energy buildings. New possibilities in timber construction are also being explored: there will be a whole block of wooden residential buildings, the largest one in Finland with 500 to 700 apartments.


Dialogue and various competitions have helped promote cooperation in high-quality planning, design and construction.The first residential buildings are being built for 1,000 people, and the attractive boulevard was inaugurated in the summer of 2011. 
When completed in 2020, the area will house 13,500 inhabitants and offer 6,000 jobs. The Finnish Housing Fair in 2012 will be arranged in Vuores with the themes of garden city and eco-efficient living.


ECO2 leads Tampere towards a carbon neutral city. The city of Tampere has launched ECO2 – a programme for an Eco-efficient Tampere in 2020. It aims at avoiding the increase of greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise result from the growth of the city's population. The programme will promote a low-carbon and carbon-neutral urban structure.

ECO2 not only coordinates and supports the implementation of climate and energy objectives in Tampere, but also encourages growth in the environment business, with the emphasis on cleantech, energy saving, renewable energy and eco-efficient construction.


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